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As an “old school” journalist, I’ve grown to be uncomfortable talking about myself, but I don’t mind letting others do it for me:

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I have worked with Greg Jeschke on three of his documentaries and was always impressed with the level of passion and professionalism he brings to his projects. I’ve been interviewed by many members of the media and know the anxious feelings that can come with waiting to see how my comments will be portrayed. I’m always pleasantly surprised by not only the accuracy and thoroughness, but also the context and perspective he provides. Greg is driven to make documentaries that can help us learn, understand and engage with people and issues that are important to us all.
-Tia Nelson, Outrider Foundation/daughter of Earth Day founder Sen. Gaylord Nelson.

With no sugar-coating, no apologies, and no pathos, INterDEPENDENCE follows the lives of people living with disabilities, who speak for themselves throughout this extremely valuable film. INterDEPENDENCE demonstrates that ableism is far more than just a word, and affects far more than access to buildings. INterDEPENDENCE offers much-needed education for those who have not had to become aware of the bureaucratic demands and dream-crushing laws that unfairly limit the lives of disabled people. The film may also be an important resource for newly-disabled individuals, who need to know what they are up against policy-wise, and can benefit from the realization that they are not alone.
-Susan K. Pastor, M.A., M.S., Adjunct Instructor, Sociology, Edgewood College

Greg was responsive to our needs for an in-depth media training for people with multiple levels of expertise. Our members that attended the hour-long seminar took away important lessons that are still applied today. I appreciate Greg’s knowledge and practical experience in the media industry which he was able to present in a relatable way. I would highly recommend his services to anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of the media landscape, interacting with press or presenting your own best message to the community.
Rep. Dianne Hesselbein/Assistant Minority Leader, Wisconsin Assembly

As a Board Member of the Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin, I knew that Interdependence would set the stage perfectly for a discussion around people with disabilities. The film presents several fascinating and varied perspectives on issues relevant for adults, from home care to relationships and beyond. Our members enjoyed the film and the discussion session that we held after the film viewing was the perfect outlet for individuals, parents and families to come together and discuss together.
-Lauren Usher, PhD, Managing Director, gBETA Social Impact, gener8tor

I have been fortunate enough to host two virtual viewings and discussions of INterDEPENDENCE for families and community members. The film is an honest portrayal of living with a disability. I am grateful for the glimpse into the very personal lives of people. We have also had fantastic discussions afterward with the director/producer and an adult who appeared in the film. These discussions have been enlightening, passionate and meaningful. We will continue to offer viewings and discussions of the film in the future as it is a quality introduction into the discussion around disability.
-Tim Markle, Director of the Southern Regional Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs out of the Waisman Center.