Video Projects

The Drinking Culture

In this installment of the award-winning documentary series, “Our Wisconsin”, we examine an aspect of our state that has brought both fame and infamy; the drinking culture. In a place with more bars than grocery stores, we look back at the state’s European brewing heritage, how beer brewing became one of Wisconsin’s signature industries and the sense of community that was often centered in taverns. But, Wisconsin’s drinking culture took an extreme turn, and we see where that has led the state in dealing with problems like underage drinking, binge drinking and drunk driving. And, in the face of what a former police chief describes as a ‘heavy duty drinking culture’, we see how some people are trying to create a more moderate, less extreme alcohol environment in the state.

An Hour In 1970

A half-century ago, Wisconsin and the world were in the middle of one of the most eventful, historic years ever. It was a year of social revolution, as everything from the environment to the Vietnam War to women were the focus of major movements and demonstrations. And it was a year of unprecedented violence, as opposition to the war reached deadly levels at the Kent State shootings and the Sterling Hall bombing in Madison. It was the year Monday Night Football began, the Brewers came to Milwaukee and Vince Lombardi died. From the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the first Earth Day to Wisconsin’s Woodstock, we’ll watch and listen to the events unfold as they did nearly a half-century ago. So, put on your bell bottoms and plug in your lava lamp, as we spend An Hour In 1970.

Equity & Justice For All?

At a time when racial tensions and divisions grip our nation, we dig deeper into the issues that some say prove our state is the most racist in America. Racial disparities, the difference between how people of different races are treated, are extreme and widespread in Wisconsin. The state has the nation’s biggest disparities between white and black people in everything from infant mortality, to student performance and graduation rates, to unemployment and poverty, to arrest and incarceration rates. More than two dozen people, most of them African American, share their experiences and perspectives on the problems and challenges of living in Wisconsin. Then, a panel of concerned citizens joins us to talk about what needs to be done to give everyone a chance to be part of Wisconsin’s image as one of the best places to live in America.

The Climate Change Effect

The science, politics and repercussions of climate change are the focus of this award-winning documentary.  Climate change is effecting our state right now and quite likely in more extreme ways in the future. Impacts on weather, water and wildlife are being documented by scientists. We also examine how the climate change effect is impacting our economy, from public areas like roads, to insurance rates to home construction to the state’s important agriculture industry. Plus, we explore the politics of climate change and how the issue was used to help break-up one of the nation’s leading environmental science teams at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Former DNR scientists and managers give their first interviews about how the change in political control of state government brought a virtual end to their leading climate change research, and ultimately, many of their jobs. And a former DNR communication specialist shares her experience of being directed to end the use of the term ‘climate change’ in her work. Yet, as we show, despite the official denial of the issue, other state agencies, like transportation engineers, continue to factor-in climate change as they design roads and infrastructure to deal with more intense weather events that are just part of The Climate Change Effect.