Stage Presents

Evolution From Child To Young Adult

A lot can happen to a person in a decade, but perhaps no more than in the years between the ages of ten and twenty. The decade of evolution from child to young adult. The perspective of those ten years is the prism through which a handful of young people look back on their shared experience in a new documentary. Stage Presents features a local community theater production of an all-children’s musical. The excitement, drama and joy of auditions, rehearsals and opening night are all captured on film. But what makes this already-interesting plot (kids will do/say anything!) even more engaging is that the production took place a decade ago. And that space ends up being the golden opportunity for these young people to reminisce with insight and appreciation for how their involvement shaped them.

Kids Presence On Stage

The title is a play on words; the kids’ presence on stage brought them the presents, gifts, of a shared experience in theater. The result is an intimate, sometimes inspirational, commentary about childhood, growing-up and sharing an experience in which everyone is working towards a common goal. Stage Presents has been described as “a sweet story with a serious message” and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to watch.