My 2020 Message

I appreciate you. I don’t even know most of you. But this year, I want you to know that I appreciate whatever you did, where able to do, to add to the positivity of our current human condition. I appreciate your courage, your resilience, your persistence, in the face of insurmountable odds during an unimaginable time. Whether you’re a frontline worker, an essential worker, or a miracle worker who stayed at home and kept a family sane, I appreciate you. Because what you did and what you continue to do is to nourish and strengthen our collective human spirit, which is what has kept us going this far. In many ways, we’ve been forced to lead ourselves through the pandemic. And I appreciate you for the times you led or actively supported something that brought more goodness and compassion to our world at a time when it seems like those things are disappearing. With every positive thing you did, you helped make this a better place during one of our worst times. So, here’s to your peace and health in the New Year, knowing that what we’ve survived may have been just a warm-up for what’s ahead. I appreciate you.

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